Meet Our Showbie Champions, Class of 2017-18!

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The Showbie Champion program began in 2015 with a team of passionate Showbie-using educators from around the world with the common goal of sharing their knowledge and experience to improve digital classrooms. The program has since evolved, and Champions have been instrumental in providing product feedback, representing Showbie at events, sharing our tweets, and reminding…

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Corey Knight’s Showbie App Review

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Corey Knight is a teacher at New Haven Middle School in Indiana, United States, and wrote a post on his blog Classroom Tech Made Simple assessing Showbie and the benefits it’s bringing to his classroom. Read his review of Showbie below! The goal of our app reviews are to give you easy actionable reviews of…

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How to Prep for Back to School in Showbie

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Back To School. Whether these words make you cringe and mourn the end of summer or get you excited about being back in the classroom, back to school is upon us. We wanted to re-share a few tips to make the transition from summer holidays to school days a bit less stressful. 1. Copy Classes Over With Showbie’s Copy…

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