Teachers in Australia are getting ready to head out on summer vacation!

With the growing number of schools using Showbie and Socrative in Australia, we wanted to ensure we were meeting the specific standards of the Australia Privacy Act.

We know you are trusting us with sensitive information, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

We recently hired a Melbourne-based legal firm that specializes in privacy to review our privacy and data security processes and practices. While we made a few minor tweaks as a result of their assessment, they concluded that both Showbie and Socrative are compliant with the Act.

Here’s a summary on how we comply with each of the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs):

APP 1: Our Privacy Policies and Terms of Use clearly state how personal information is collected and stored and outlines the rights of individuals concerning their information.

APP 2: Student usage of Showbie and Socrative does not necessitate students to provide personally identifiable information.

APP 3: We collect minimal personal information to provide our services. Our apps don’t store or manage sensitive information as defined in the Privacy Act.

APP 4: If an individual from outside of a school were to access a class code, we could immediately remove and block them from the class.

APP 5: Teachers have already collected any student information entered into our apps. When a teacher signs up for our apps, we make it visible what information is collected.

APP 6: The data we collect enables usage of our apps, and supports schools’ goals of providing education to students.

APP 7: We will never sell the data you provide or share it with a third party without your consent. We provide an opt-out link in all of our marketing communications.

APP 8: Our data is stored on secure servers using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon is ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certified. More information about AWS’s compliance programs AWS’s compliance programs.

APP 9: N/A for Showbie or Socrative

APP 10: The users determine the quality of the personal information within our apps. We make it easy to update profile data.

APP 11: Our apps are well secured, and personal information is stored and used in the apps in a robustly secure manner. We take extensive measures to protect personal data. If a data breach were to occur, we would notify users as quickly as reasonably possible.

APP 12: Teachers and other authorized members of a school or district can request, on behalf of a student or the student’s parent, access to student data. An individual student or school data be deleted from our apps at any time upon request from an authorized member of a school.

APP 13: Teachers and other authorized members of a school or district can request changes to students’ personal information at any time.

If you have any questions about our data security or want to understand better how we do things, please email us at privacy [@] showbie.com.

CEO & Co-Founder of Showbie. Colin is passionate about helping teachers streamline their 1:1 device classrooms with simple, easy to use tools.

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