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How does our small team (located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) stay connected with Showbie users all around the globe? Through our network of superstar partners!


Certified Educators

The Showbie Certified Educator program is a free and exclusive community of educators who have a passion for Showbie and Socrative, helping you to build your skills and fully utilise the features of both platforms.

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Training Partners

Showbie Training Partners are a combination of part-time and former educators who know and love Showbie and are dedicated to teaching digital pedagogy to teachers. This program started in Australia and is currently expanding to other countries. Say g’day to our training mates.

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Showbie Resellers

Showbie Resellers are a network of sales partners. Working closely with our internal sales and marketing teams, these partners are like an extension of our internal team – but located in various cool locations abroad. We currently only work with Resellers in Europe, but are looking to expand our network globally.

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