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We build tools to help teachers and students everywhere be more creative and productive in the paperless classroom.

Showbie is used by hundreds of thousands of teachers and students in classrooms worldwide. Proudly based in Edmonton, Canada, our growing team is comprised of people who are passionate about empowering educators as they use technology to redefine and improve their classrooms.

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Colin Bram headshot

Colin Bramm

CEO & Cofounder
Roy Pombeiro headshot

Roy Pombeiro

CTO & Cofounder
Cameron Wakal headshot

Cameron Wakal

VP Product
Kelly Kowalchuk headshot

Kelly Kowalchuk

Director of Marketing
Jason Bjalek headshot

Jason Bjalek

Director of Finance and Operations
iPads in the Classroom using Showbie

Proudly headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta

Development + Product
Eli Dupuis headshot

Eli Dupuis

Lead Web Developer
Cherry Fernandez headshot

Cherry Fernandez

QA Developer
Christian Gossain headshot

Christian Gossain

iOS Developer
Colin Humber headshot

Colin Humber

Lead iOS Developer
Gary Kash headshot

Gary Kash

iOS Developer
Janet King headshot

Janet King

Product Manager
Slobodan Pejić headshot

Slobodan Pejić

Lead Developer
Keith Silgard headshot

Keith Silgard

Web Developer
iPads in the Classroom using Showbie

As creators and supporters of education technology, we’re proud to work together on something we love.

Customer Support + Success
Alyssa Dubue headshot

Alyssa Dubue

Marketing Coordinator
Christy Elefante headshot

Christy Elefante

Customer Support
Lucie Spearn headshot

Lucie Martineau

Sales Director
Eric Ng headshot

Eric Ng

Customer Success
Erin Orris headshot

Erin Orris

Teacher Ambassador
Carvin Palanca headshot

Carvin Palanca

Customer Support
Morgan Patzelt headshot

Morgan Patzelt

Teacher Ambassador
Brinna Smith headshot

Brinna Smith

Sales Development Rep
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