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Save Big by Going Paperless

From ink to paper to maintenance, printing costs add up. Going paperless is not only great for the environment, it has a huge financial impact on your school budget.

The Paperless Savings Calculator

Adjust the values on the sliders below to find out how much money you can save.

Save calculating… with Showbie!

Based on a 36 week school year, $0.03 per page and 2 pages per assignment.

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We have significantly reduced our paper usage and Showbie has facilitated that. School-wide, we saved over $21,000 in paper usage, copies, ink, and toner last year.

Kristi Meeuwse

Kristi Meeuwse

Teacher, Drayton Hall Elementary School
Amazing Educators Using Showbie
Blenheim school

Rob Isaac

Showbie is rapidly becoming the iPad tool of choice for the staff of this school.

Rob Isaac

Deputy Headmaster

Greg Hughes

It saves us vast amounts of time, and less printing means we are saving large amounts of money too.

Greg Hughes

IT/ICT Coordinator

What is Showbie?





Showbie makes it easy to create and upload assignments that students can complete using Showbie’s built-in tools, or by app smashing with thousands of compatible apps. With powerful features to help teachers provide feedback, grading has never been faster — or more comprehensive.

Admin Dashboard

Our admin dashboard makes it easy to add and manage Showbie subscriptions in your school.

Showbie for Parents

Showbie for parents ensures parents are kept in the loop without requiring additional teacher resources.

Digital Portfolio

Students can collect, reflect and show parents items placed in their portfolio by their teacher, or as a self-led exercise.

Enhanced Feedback

With pen and highlighter tools, pinned voice notes, text notes and even video, teachers can provide better, richer feedback to students.

Auditor Oversight Account

An Auditor Oversight Account grants Showbie Administrators with access to all classes in their school or district, providing full visibility to Showbie usage.


Students don’t require email addresses to sign up, and all personal information is kept secure.

Easy to Set Up

Showbie works with the apps you're already using in your classroom, and takes only minutes to set up. Have a question or concern? Our dedicated support staff is available to help you find success with Showbie.

Stay Organized

From assignments to grades to classrooms, everything is easy to find and all in one place.

Get Started in Minutes

Set aside an hour to set up Showbie, and then treat yourself to a 55 minute coffee break.

Support On Demand

Our Showbie support staff is always on hand to help you get the most out of Showbie.

License Management

Take Charge with the Admin Dashboard

From easily managing teacher accounts and passwords to distributing Showbie Pro licenses with a single click, the admin dashboard gives you a complete overview of Showbie in your school.

Admin Dashboard Screenshot

We wanted to make it easy for you to administer Showbie in your school. From teacher upgrades to password resets, we give you all of the tools you need to manage your Pro School account in one convenient place.

Cammy Waks

Cameron Wakal

VP Product

Invite All Your Teachers at Once

Get your teachers started using Showbie right away with the batch import function.

Use Your Existing Showbie Account

Your account lets you manage everything, from checking in on classrooms to handling licensing.

Upgrade Teachers and Buy Licenses

Inviting and removing teachers is as easy as a click, and you can upgrade accounts at any time.

We’re Here to Help

Our dedicated school support team is always available to answer questions, give tips, and solve any issues you might encounter. You can also search Showbie’s comprehensive library of support articles for quick tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions.

Showbie has come through each time with excellent custom service that not only gave me the answers I needed, but gave me insights to make my experience even better.

Cammy Waks

Angie Zimmerman

Teacher at List Elementary

Showbie has the most amazing customer support I have ever experienced! ! I am so excited that we have been able to get it adopted for the next three years!

Cammy Waks

Amy Tong

Technical Integration Specialist
Going 1:1 District-Wide

Over 2,500 students in Norway's Drammen Kommune district are finding success in Showbie.

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Volume Pricing and Discounts

Personalized Pricing Options

Along with the savings your school will collect by going paperless, we want to make Showbie Pro more accessible for you by offering volume discounts for groups of 3 or more teachers. Contact a dedicated Showbie representative today to discover your savings.

School & Districts

Volume Pricing

Unlimited access for all your teachers, students and parents, plus admin tools, dedicated support, and volume pricing.

Go Paperless in Your School

Getting your school started with Showbie is as easy as saying hello. Contact our team to get set up today.

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