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The DNA of LearningTM: Your Foundation for Student Success

Showbie’s DNA of Learning supports student success by combining and improving four essential building blocks of effective classroom practice - direct instruction, independent practice, personalised feedback and real-time assessment - all in one platform.

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Tools that help you inspire students.

Students learn best when feedback is both unique and personal. Showbie's suite of powerful tools make it easy to give rich, differentiated feedback to students of all learning abilities, so everyone gets the help they need to succeed.

Students can upload their reading tasks at home, and I can listen to them on my way to work or at home on my couch rather than use up one hour of time in the classroom.

Your paperless headquarters.

Find everything you need to organize your classroom and connect with your students right at your fingertips. In Showbie, work is never lost or misplaced, and students always stay productive with due dates and assignment notifications.

We’ve been 95% paperless this year, and we haven’t had a single missing assignment for two years — from fifth graders!

Cultivate your classroom community.

Students are stronger when they learn together, and Showbie empowers you to help them share files and ideas with each other with ease. Create a more confident classroom community with group projects, peer review and class discussion.

Students can easily stay in touch with multiple conversations and updates that are happening in their groups or classes all at once.

Capture and share the learning journey.

Put a gold star on any student work to save it in their personal portfolio, where it can be shared with parents to provide support at home, and kept as a collection of their best work for review and reflection for years to come.

In Showbie, we can take work and keep it in the student’s portfolio. Work can be showcased, and the ability to do that has allowed teachers to embrace creativity.

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