The Heart of Your Paperless Classroom

Showbie is the fastest, easiest, and most effective app for assignments and feedback in your iPad classroom.

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How Showbie Works

Assign a task to your students

Bring materials from another app, add a PDF worksheet from iCloud or Google Drive, or digitize a paper document using your iPad’s camera. Documents and instructions you’ve added to your Shared Folder are instantly distributed to all your students.

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How Showbie Works

Complete and collect assignments

Students can complete assignments using Showbie’s rich annotation tools, or get creative with one of thousands of amazing iPad apps that are compatible with Showbie. Their work is automatically saved and organized in one convenient location, ready to be reviewed.

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How Showbie Works

Review and provide feedback

Quickly provide rich feedback to your students with Showbie’s suite of annotation tools. Mark up their submissions with the pen tool, or pin text comments and voice notes anywhere on the page. When you’re finished marking, add a final comment or grade to the Showbie gradebook.

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Your Paperless Classroom Made Simple

No more trips to the copy room, lugging around stacks of classwork, or searching for lost assignments. Showbie gives you all the tools you need to run your paperless classroom.

Take it To Go

Find all of your classwork at your fingertips and access everything you need on your iPad, iPhone or computer.

Integrate with 1000’s of Apps

Create new lessons by app smashing and send everything back into Showbie for storing and grading.

Give Rich Feedback

Use voice notes and annotations to quickly provide detailed, personalized feedback.

A Mighty Pen

Draw and write directly on documents in Showbie using a variety of colors and line thicknesses.

Text Toolkit

Add text anywhere on the page with control over font size, color and alignment.

Vide-oh Yeah

You and your students can seamlessly record and share videos. Lights, camera, action!

Make the Grade

Quickly add number or letter grades to assignments that you can easily track and export to other systems.

Perfect Portfolio

Collect your students’ best work and show evidence of their progress over time by adding to their portfolio.

Showbie for Parents

Keep parents in the loop with assignment notifications and by giving them access to their child’s portfolio.

Bringing Classrooms Together

Why Showbie is the essential classroom app for over 7,000 students in 10 schools from K–12.

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Going 1:1 District-Wide

Over 2,500 students in Norway's Drammen Kommune district are finding success in Showbie.

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What Our Teachers Say

Marcie Faust

Director for Innovative Learning

Our teachers say that you have changed their lives!!! Thank YOU! Let the @Showbie <3 spread!


Mark White

2nd Grade Teacher

I love @showbie! It works very well and has a little footprint. Compared to Schoology or Edmodo it is much more focused and useful to me.


Ruth MacDonald

Head Teacher

Never known children to be so engaged in home assignments! Both parents and children loving it!


Billie Ann Blalock

1:1 Innovative Educator

Showbie is the program of choice for our completely 1:1 school. It is a fantastic tool!


Melony Klein


How did I live without @Showbie? I could grow to enjoy marking.


Schweizer Michel

Apple Distinguished Educator

Deleting classes in #Showbie to get ready for next schoolyear. You guessed it: it’s a treat!

Student using Showbie
Students Also Love Using Showbie

It is a really fun and easy way to turn your work in. So you don't have to go looking for your work everyday.

Student using Showbie

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