5 Ways to Encourage Reading with Showbie

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Now more than ever, schools are exploring how technology can be used to enhance many aspects of school life, including promoting, encouraging and improving reading.  For many teachers around the world, Showbie has been key to making this successful.  In recent conversations with schools, we’ve been exploring the different ways Showbie continues to be invaluable…

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Showbie in Action: Building Relationships with Comments

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Showbie in Action is our latest resource for year 3-6 classroom teachers. The booklet is a practical guide to Showbie, using an iPad. In this guide, you will learn how powerful assignment, feedback and communication tools can be easily integrated into your day-to-day practice and see real-life, subject-specific examples in action.  Each chapter of this…

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Implementing EEF Feedback Recommendations with Showbie and Socrative

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What exactly is the EEF? The Education Endowment Foundation is a research-led organisation based at the University of Oxford that provides school leaders and teachers with recommendations on how to enrich learning experiences.  In June 2021, the EEF published an insightful report entitled, ‘Feedback in action: A review of practice in English schools.’  The study…

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