As the school year winds down and teachers start planning moves to new schools for fall (or for retirement!), there are a few things Showbie Admins can do to succession plan, and ensure a smooth transition for incoming teachers.

First, we’re excited to offer a new feature – the Auditor Oversight Account – an ‘auditor’ account that is connected to all current and active classes at the school. With access to this account, the Admin can view the class of the teacher who is leaving, including all assignments (active or archived), student work, communication with the class, and parent codes. It also enables the Admin to reset student passwords from that class. When a new replacement teacher comes on board, the Admin can approve this teacher as a co-teacher of the class, providing the new teacher with all of the former teacher’s Showbie resources. And although transitioning into a new position is never easy, providing access to the classes and resources previously used will hopefully help the new teacher get up and running!

To sign up for an Auditor Oversight Account, please complete this form. Note that schools can only have one Auditor Oversight Admin.

  • If the new teacher is not taking over for a specific class, be sure to archive classes for departing teachers rather than delete them so that items added to student portfolios from that class aren’t lost.
  • Second, if departing teachers have Pro licenses, be sure to transfer these licenses to teachers using Showbie Basic, or not currently using Showbie at all, so that someone else can take advantage of the license.
  • Finally, if you’d like to clean up your school’s Admin Dashboard, you can remove any departing teachers. If it’s an Admin who’s leaving, please be sure to let us know who the replacement is by emailing us at

If you need any help transitioning teachers to or from Showbie, or assistance setting up your Auditor Oversight Account, please let me know!

School & District Support

As the School and District Support Lead at Showbie, Erin spends her days providing support, resources, and training to administrators and teachers at schools. Erin considers herself a connoisseur on all things pizza related. She loves pizza so much she even proudly sports a pizza tattoo on her arm. Know a person who loves pizza like Erin? They'll find a friend in her.

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