Technology rollouts can be tricky. Sometimes what one school wants would cause a disaster at another. To implement a smooth transition to technology, consider the following ideas.

Ask Teachers What Will Help

If the technology you’re considering won’t help teachers in the classroom, it will be a waste. Start by talking to your teachers. What do they want? What are their biggest challenges that they think technology can address? Ask teachers to be part of your technology conversation so they know their needs were considered before any rollouts begin.

Determine What Apps Teachers Are Already Using

When you’re talking with teachers, you may be surprised to learn many of them are already using apps on their own. Ask teachers why they chose these apps and what they do. This will help you ensure that when new technology is implemented, teachers can still use the apps they already love.

Consider Your Infrastructure

Large, complicated systems can mean trouble for some districts and schools. It’s important to consider your technology infrastructure, security, and what updates may be needed to maintain a system. Technology rollouts are full of unfortunate stories of overly complicated systems that were too difficult and expensive to maintain. Consider starting small so you can work out the bugs.

Ask Parents What They Want

Teachers are critical to the technology conversation, and so are parents. Make sure you have a solid grasp of what type of technology parents are open to and what features they would like to see. A successful technology rollout depends on support from teachers and parents, so don’t forget to include parents in the conversation.

Start With a Pilot Program

A technology rollout is full of unanticipated bumps and challenges. Consider doing a pilot first. Ask for teacher volunteers who are willing to provide honest, constant feedback on the technology and system you choose. A pilot can save money, time, and frustration on the future rollout.

If you are interested in piloting Showbie at your school, please let us know!


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