QR Code Scavenger Hunt… App Smashed with Showbie!

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This post was written with Showbie Thought Leader, Caryn Trautz.  QR code scavenger hunts occur about once a month in my class. My students are all very engaged when solving the problems they “find” and I love watching them search for the next problem to solve. When I first started doing QR code scavenger hunts I had my…

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App smashing the storytelling process – Book Creator, iBooks & Showbie

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How 4th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher Hayley Sample combined old-school storytelling techniques with new technology to get her students writing masterpieces!     My sister introduced me to Book Creator when her 5th grade students were using the app to make similar books to what my students had created. Her students are 1:1 with their iPads, so with…

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