5 Must-Have iOS 7 Creative Apps for the iPad Classroom

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With iOS 7, many app developers have recently updated their apps to reflect the sleek flat look that now dominates popular apps on the new OS. As a result of all the app updates, we’ve been hard at work refreshing nearly 50 tutorial videos showing amazing creative apps and how Showbie makes assignment turn in…

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Showbie Meets Project Pupil Podcast!

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I had the chance to sit down with Ram Gangisetty of Project Pupil last week and record a Podcast on the Paperless Classroom and how we arrived at developing Showbie. Play the Podcast In new window | Download About Project Pupil Project Pupil is a new Podcast series for teachers that aims to discover and…

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Top 10 Showbie Teacher and Trainer Videos

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NOTE: This is an older post, and many of the YouTube links no longer work. If you’d like to see the latest and greatest Showbie tutorial videos from real teachers, you can find an updated version of this post here. Many teachers rolling out iPads have discovered time savings and power of Showbie in their…

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