Showbie in Action is our latest resource for year 3-6 classroom teachers. The booklet is a practical guide to Showbie, using an iPad. In this guide, you will learn how powerful assignment, feedback and communication tools can be easily integrated into your day-to-day practice and see real-life, subject-specific examples in action.

Each chapter of this book is supported by educational research, step-by-step instructions and sample assignments you can add to your class to help get you up and running with Showbie. Today, we share the third chapter, “Show Learning with Blank Documents”, including a ‘Draw That Homophone’ sample assignment for Year 3 students.

See Their Thinking

In English, students are challenged to show their understanding of the different meanings of homophones through drawing each word and then making a voice note to put each homophone pair in sentences. Blank documents enable us to put together a ‘just right’ challenge for our students to annotate and share their learning through writing, drawing and audio reflection. We can then use the same tools to provide them with feedback on their work.

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 1.10.56 PM

Try it yourself:

Create a Blank Document

In your assignment, tap on the + button and choose Create Document.

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 1.12.42 PM

Name Your Document

Give your document a name and choose an orientation.

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 1.13.47 PM

Set Up Your Document

Choose the style you wish to use and the sizing of that style (where applicable). Then select how many pages you would like in your document. Finally, press ‘Create’.

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 1.15.48 PM

Annotate Your Document

Write and draw any information you want your students to have on the document using the annotation tools.

Annotation Layers help keep annotations organised! You can use the layers tool to show and hide annotations. You’ll be able to filter annotations made by the teacher, student, or annotations made within the Shared Items.

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 1.17.05 PM

Record Instructions

Record Voice Notes giving students instructions on how to complete the task

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 1.17.52 PM

“One benefit of learning by drawing over some other strategies… is that it is far less likely that the learner will be able to simply transfer information from place to place without engaging with it.” – Mark & Zoe Enser 

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