Efficacy Study 2016

Teachers who use Showbie love how it transforms their classrooms into engaging, collaborative, and organized learning environments. How do we know? We asked them.

We conducted an international survey of teachers who use our classroom management platform because we wanted to determine if it was making an impact in their classrooms. We wanted to know about teachers’ experiences in implementing Showbie and if the platform created noticeable differences in student engagement, feedback quality on assignments, classroom organization, and other areas related to classroom efficiency.

We surveyed 4,849 teachers worldwide who had been actively using Showbie for at least three months and had used Showbie to grade at least 600 student assignments. We received 555 responses and results showed that teachers who used Showbie had seen noticeable benefits as a result of using the platform.

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Jan is passionate about education technology and what it can do to transform learning in the classroom. She wakes up every morning with a big smile on her face because she gets to meet with educators to chat about how Showbie can make teachers' lives easier and help students truly engage in their learning. jan@showbie.com

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