One of the things I feel so lucky to experience is the feedback we get from a truly global community of passionate educators. Having a product that is embedded in classrooms in over 136 countries helps us gain a unique perspective on how the world’s students are learning. On a larger scale, we can see how education systems are progressing to make learning more personalized, differentiated, and better for the next generation of global citizens.

We strive to create a product that is simple, easy to use, and empowers teachers and students to focus on the learning process and student progress. We relentlessly focus on reducing steps for teachers to give rich, unique feedback to students. We believe the most exciting place to influence learning is by playing a small part in innovative classrooms with our simple, easy to use 1:1 classroom engagement platform.

We are very pleased to announce that in early 2017, Showbie will offer an integration to ItsLearning for our Norwegian schools and Kommunes.

In Norway, Showbie is often used alongside the prominent Norwegian Learning Management System, ItsLearning. Through dialogue with teachers and current Showbie customers, we aim to improve the classroom workflow by designing features to help Showbie work in parallel with ItsLearning. In districts where 1:1 iPad, Chromebook or laptop rollouts are underway, the two systems will work together to address the complete spectrum of classroom and administrative needs.

We are very pleased to announce that in early 2017, Showbie will offer an integration to ItsLearning for our Norwegian schools and Kommunes. The integration will streamline the communication between the two systems: if you are a customer of both, your paperless classroom will operate seamlessly. This optional integration will be available to all Norwegian customers with their Showbie Pro package.

Showbie will be at the ItsLearning 2016 User Conference in Bergen, Norway on September 26th and 27th to share more details about the integration features with the ItsLearning customer base. On September 27th, I will present what the integration features will look like from a classroom teacher and administrator perspective in both systems and discuss how easy it will be to use the products together. I will also share our plans for the timeline of when the integration will be available to customers.

We look forward to continuing to help schools and districts make their digital transformation a reality!

Colin Bramm
CEO & Co-Founder

CEO & Co-Founder of Showbie. Colin is passionate about helping teachers streamline their 1:1 device classrooms with simple, easy to use tools.

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  1. Mette Hopøy

    Do we need Showbie Pro to get this to work with It´s learning?

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