As the United Kingdom looks set for another period of hybrid learning, Showbie is here to ensure any mix of face-to-face and remote teaching remains impactful and helps teachers and students stay connected – no matter what is to come! 

A Quick Turnaround

With exceptionally high case rates and subsequent staff absences, schools are likely to move their teaching and learning elements online with little or no notice. If this is the case, have no fear! The shift is easy to do with Showbie:

  • Teachers can create classes in a matter of clicks so that learning can continue within hours, not weeks. 
  • Showbie’s intuitive menu layout makes it easy to organise classes and assignments on any device so the quality of learning goes uninterrupted.
  • Teachers can authenticate co-teachers to classes with the ‘By Approval’ setting. This is useful for student teachers, substitute teachers or moderators who need access to student assignments, no matter what comes your way.

We know that hybrid learning may look different depending on pupil age and learning location, whether in-class, at home or a mix of both within the same class. That’s why Showbie is designed for the way teachers work, so you can seamlessly transition a lesson from the face-to-face classroom experience to teaching remotely and back again, with ease. Showbie allows the focus to remain on your students’ learning and engagement while supporting you with managing your wellbeing and workload.

Quality of Learning – UninterruptedSHO_BRCH_APAC_RemoteLearning_DIGITAL_211119_F

Showbie allows educators to utilise various traditional and innovative resources, helping them deliver engaging learning experiences to students regardless of location and circumstance. Showbie is designed to work harmoniously with Microsoft, Google and Apple, allowing teachers to select and use the best possible resources for their chosen activity. Showbie is accessible on any internet device from iPhone/Android, PC and Chromebooks. 

With various annotation tools, including handwriting, text, emojis, or detailed voice notes, students can demonstrate and reflect on their learning in the way that suits them best. They can scan and upload handwritten documents, which teachers can overlay with digitised feedback that is timely, responsive and personalised.

Connectivity and Community

Showbie has built-in tools such as secure messaging and video that facilitate connections between students, teachers and families—both individually or in groups. Complete daily check-ins using video chat or provide individual 1:1 video feedback from any assignment in Showbie. 

Foster relationships between students with the class discussion feature to connect, share experiences and have learning discussions. Read more about incorporating social-emotional learning (SEL) in Showbie, right here. 

SHO_BRCH_APAC_RemoteLearning_DIGITALAssessment and Feedback

Showbie is built with assessment and feedback in mind from the ground up. From its super-easy voice notes to pinned comments and grades, teachers can keep learning on track with ease and make an impact. 

“In the midst of a global pandemic, where nothing is certain, I know that I can not only see, talk to and provide work for my pupils, but I can also help take learning further with Showbie’s pinned comments and voice notes. With simple screen recording on iPad, I can also provide visual feedback. This helps to keep engagement high over many weeks of hybrid learning.”
– Chris Lawson, Year 6 teacher & Assistant Headteacher.

Add the opportunity for students to complete formative and summative assessments using the fully integrated Socrative app that allows you to visualise learning and quickly identify knowledge gaps from anywhere.  

Teacher Wellbeing

We understand the challenges of implementing remote learning and seek to reduce teacher workload through time-saving features such as quick marking. Teachers can quickly swipe through student-submitted assignments across multiple documents, all within the same screen.

Showbie improves marking efficiency and contains tools to help track student progress in real-time. The gradebook feature provides the oversight of work submitted, grades assigned and any late submissions. This oversight enables teachers to see engagement and attainment at a glance.

Collaboration and Support for Teaching Staff

There is no doubt that there will be teaching absence and disruption in the weeks to come. With Showbie’s co-teaching functionality, other teachers can virtually support a class, adding content and assessing as required. Several teachers can lead a class, and Showbie groups become a virtual staffroom where teachers share ideas and support one another.


Prioritise student support and success with Showbie, the easy-to-use, hybrid learning platform for learning any way, anywhere.

We’re proud to have a local UK team to support our schools. Complimentary professional learning support is available and delivered by qualified teachers who have experience working with UK schools. Showbie includes onboarding training for you and your colleagues, ensuring teachers get the most out of their workflow while delivering the best experience for students.

Contact us today to get started to find out more about how Showbie can assist you with your remote learning plan and implementation.

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