International Women’s Day (March 8, 2022) is a global day celebrating women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #BreakingTheBias, and it’s about working towards a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world. We asked the ladies of Showbie to write a postcard message to their younger selves, challenging stereotypes; What advice would these women give a young girl who is working toward breaking biases of what she is or isn’t capable?

Read on for some brilliant, empowering advice!

Alison“I always wanted to be the nice girl, the one who is agreeable, a people pleaser. I know now that it’s okay to say no to people. If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to feel guilty by saying no. Putting your needs first is a healthy, important boundary.”

Alison, Account Manager


rachel-post“Be braver, take more risks and explore new opportunities to their fullest; there’s plenty of time to settle down. Travel widely and get a greater understanding of people, places and cultures – it will help you to develop empathy and understanding of others, which will ultimately make you a better friend, colleague and partner. Find your passion and pursue it because ultimately, that is what will make your heart sing!”

Rachel, Learning Specialist


joanne-post“Keep it up; you are doing great! Be more critical of advice that sets a limit on what you think you can achieve. Some of the advice will be aimed to shape you into something the other person sees as acceptable. Cross-check your advice early so you can avoid self-doubt in the long term.”

Jo-Anne, Web App Developer




“Dive in 100% to new opportunities! It can be scary to try something new, but it’s the only way to know all the amazing things you are capable of!”

Morgan, Product Manager


bekah“Stop competing with other women around you. Instead, embrace them. Love them for who they are. Champion them and be a great friend. When you stop competing and start supporting – you will see that there is enough success, love, and appreciation to go around. We are so much stronger when we work together!”

Bekah, People Experience Coordinator


Lauren-Rocks“Explore non-traditional career options and take advantage of unexpected opportunities. Focusing on what inspires me has yielded much more positive results than focusing on what I think I “should” be doing. Don’t put yourself in a box!”

Lauren, Accounting Specialist


NatalieAndFamily“You can do hard things. You can be a mom, a wife, a student and a leader. Hard does not equal bad. (Note: This picture was taken at my CPA graduation ceremony while working full time. Yes, it was hard. I have no regrets!).”

Natalie, VP, Finance at Showbie



“Never settle. Trust your gut, and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. The moments in my life I am most proud of are when I jumped in, head first, and figured it out as I went. I learned so much and came out the other side a stronger person.”

Jennifer, Marketing Designer


Cassandra“You can be successful while still being yourself. I know you’re struggling with things that everyone else seems to find so easy. You won’t find it out for a while, but it’s because you have ADHD —your brain works a bit differently. People are expecting you to be able to take the same path as everyone else, but that’s not your journey. You might take a different path than some — I promise it’s still the right road and can get you to the same destination. You don’t have to hammer down your differences.”

Cassandra, Sr. Product Designer 



“Don’t be afraid of taking up space! Everyone deserves to take up space, speak up for themselves and voice their opinions. Being you is the most important thing you can do!”

Brittany, Product Data Analyst


Vanessa“Perfection is an illusion. No one is perfect! Go easy on yourself. You don’t have to have all the answers or pretend that you do. Make mistakes! Ask questions! That’s how you’ll grow. Your curiosity is a superpower that will help you go further than you could ever imagine!”

Vanessa, Product Manager


Leigh-post“Spend as much time as you can with people who make you feel good about yourself, make you laugh and support you. Get a dog and enjoy the outdoors every day. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Speak up, and don’t let your perfectionism stop you from doing/saying things. Be silly! Take time to understand how our minds work so that you can deal with emotions and feelings in a healthy way. Finally, in the words of Baz Luhrmann, ‘wear sunscreen!'”

Leigh, Learning Specialist

Suzana“Did you get the interview? Get the gig? Won the competition? But suddenly doubting yourself? Well, as easy as it might feel to think you somehow don’t deserve it. You do! You’re not an imposter, and you belong there! Surround yourself with people who will hear your concerns but remind you of your excellence and the very unique, important, and necessary voice you bring to the table. You got this! Also, smile – it looks good on you.”

Suzana, Implementation Specialist


Kate-post“Stop waiting for the “perfect” timing! You are in control! BE and DO everything you’ve always wanted to BE and DO. No one is going to come to tell you when it’s “okay” to become brilliantly confident in yourself; YOU do that! Cherish every moment with the beautiful women in your life. They will continue to inspire you even after they’re gone.

…and no matter what Pinterest says, bangs just aren’t for you.”

Kate, Learning Specialist

lucie“The big feelings you have are not a weakness, and they don’t make you fragile or lesser; instead, they will become your greatest asset. They will give you strength, resilience, and an incredible ability to empathize. Your innate need to be a guardian will make you an amazing people leader, a loyal friend, and a wonderful mother. Remember to stay humble, use your big heart, and know that it’s okay to ask for help.”

Lucie, Director of People & Culture



“Be confident in yourself. You are capable of so much more than you think. Always strive for more but never stop celebrating what you have already achieved.”

Jenna, Jr. Data Analyst


Sandra“Be brave enough to fail – even multiple times – at something new. And love yourself enough to celebrate fails alongside your wins because in both instances, you’ve learned something new.”

Sandra, Director of Marketing at Showbie



Erin“Take up space! – Physically, verbally, emotionally. Raise your voice, laugh out loud, eat with gusto, and learn deeply. There will be more moments in your life when you regret not speaking up than choosing to speak your mind and from the heart. Own it; you have so much to contribute.

And for goodness sake, eat as much pizza as you want, even if it’s a whole pizza… in one sitting.”

Erin, Director of Business Operations at Showbie


sarah“Stop letting social pressures determine your life goals and perception of yourself; once you look past this, you’ll see how much you’ve really achieved and be able to celebrate yourself. Keep prioritising enjoyment and fun; seize every opportunity that comes your way.”

Sarah, Marketing Campaign Manager, UK




“Invest in yourself and trust your instincts – they won’t let you down!”

Rehana, Education Success Manager



Victoria“The people who have continued to inspire and encourage you all share one thing in common, they’re humble. Humility is hard, and it may not get you noticed at first, but it will outlast any other achievements and accomplishments. Stay humble.”

Victoria, Backend Developer




“Follow what inspires you, what fills your heart, and the rest will fall into place. The setbacks make the success sweeter – hang in there, kid.”

Laura, Brand Manager

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