Showbie has partnered with ThinkSimple, an education thought-leadership firm founded by Abdul Chohan, to offer professional development to educators who use Showbie and Socrative.

For those of you who have been fortunate to see Abdul Chohan speak about education and technology, you can certainly agree that you will leave his sessions inspired and ready to hit the ground running!

To begin, we are offering a free webinar series focussed on home learning, consisting of two, 60 minute, sessions:

Introduction to Showbie & Socrative – The Teacher Perspective
Register for this free teacher webinar session

This webinar will provide delegates with a better understanding of how Showbie and Socrative can add value and reduce workload for day to day teaching. This ‘hands-on’ approach will highlight the simple and reliable nature of the tool and how easily it can be set up regardless of being face to face with students or remotely to support distance learning.

Introduction to Showbie & Socrative – A Leadership Perspective
Register for this free leader webinar session

This webinar will provide delegates with a better understanding of how Showbie and Socrative can add value to leadership roles. From quality assurance to internal and external moderation to work/book scrutiny, the session will allow for a ‘hands-on’ remote learning experience ensuring delegates are able to harness the power of verbal feedback and other operational efficiencies for their organizations including distance learning.

Meet Abdul Chohan

Abdul Chohan has been a proponent of mobile learning and the application to better feedback and assessment for many years. He has spoken to thousands of educators and decision-makers around the world since 2012, helping them craft their plans and assist teachers in making the transition.

Abdul Chohan

In 2018, Abdul authored Digitising Effective Feedback in the Journal of the Chartered College of Teaching. In this piece, Abdul highlighted the needs around reducing teacher workload, timely and responsive feedback and building relationships between teachers and students.

Abdul is the director of ThinkSimple Ltd, founder of a free school in the UK, Former CEO of a Multi Academy Trust in the UK, Apple Distinguished Educator and Showbie Champion.
Abdul Training

Underlying the approach Abdul shares is the use of Showbie and Socrative as simple and reliable tools. Both are effective at addressing workload, feedback, and relationships–especially in a home learning environment.

We are extremely excited to support this free professional development opportunity for educators. All webinar sessions are delivered online and are hosted live by Abdul Chohan.

We look forward to supporting your home learning needs in these extraordinary times.

Let the learning continue!

Your Showbie & Socrative Team

CEO & Co-Founder of Showbie. Colin is passionate about helping teachers streamline their 1:1 device classrooms with simple, easy to use tools.

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