How to quickly check if you’re running iOS 7 or iOS 8   

First things first – check what operating system you have on your Apple device. This tip can save teachers a lot of time when checking class iPad sets!


How to view all SMS attachments    

If you have received a lot of attachments from a friend over time, it can be a hassle to find an old one without scrolling for days. Apple have fixed this for iOS 8.


How to reply to a message without changing apps    

iOS 8 allows users to reply to text messages quickly and easily, while staying in the app you’re already working in. This can be good if you are using your iPad or iPhone when planning a lesson.


How to use the new gesture-based features in Mail   

Teachers get a lot of emails…. a lot! Try to flag or archive as many as you can on the go, such as when you’re in line at Starbucks. This way you can prioritize emails so that your inbox is easier to manage by the time you sit down at your desk. The new iOS 8 gesture-based features for Mail will help you do this.

How to Use New Gestures in iOS 8 Mail

Oh, and an extra tip! From the inbox view you can also super-swipe — all the way from right to left — to quickly archive the message.

How to set a timer to turn off audio   

I love playing tunes in class, especially calming music or relaxing nature sounds (try this, it works!). I also like to timebox activities so that the students know when it’s time to move on to a new task or pack up, but an alarm can be a bit abrupt. Another way is to set a timer that, instead of playing a sound, will stop whatever sound is playing! (It’s also great if you like to fall asleep to music or a podcast.)


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