With the ability to control Showbie’s features and functions with the tap of a finger, there are many easy ways to take advantage of its speed and responsiveness.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen two fantastic examples of teachers using Showbie for self-assessment by using common features in new and clever ways. Both help educators save time grading while encouraging students learn how to assess their own work.

Timed quizzes in Showbie with self assessment

Eighth grade math teacher @RoxyGirlTeacher had the clever idea of using the annotations function to create a self-timed quiz for her students that allowed them to grade their own answers.


To do this:

  1. Upload a 2 page worksheet, with the first page instructing students to turn off teacher annotations before turning the page. This hides your answer key on the next page from their view.
  2.  Have students turn the page and complete their timed quiz.
  3. Once the time limit is up, instruct them to turn the teacher annotations back on so that they can cross reference their answers with your pre-written answer key.

And voila! The result? A timed self-assessment that requires little effort on your part.

Instant feedback with self assessment

Latin teacher Elizabeth Solomon also posted a way to help students assess themselves, only this time she recorded her answers while the students worked.

To do this:

  1. Upload your worksheet/quiz in Showbie with 2 fields — one for students, and one for the answer key.
  2. Instruct your students to fill in the answers in their column.
  3. While your students are filling out their answers, fill out yours in the answer key column.
  4. Once every student has completed their work and notified you that they’re done in Showbie, press ‘done’ on your own page.
  5. Instruct your students to reopen the assignment, and they’ll be able to see your answer key, allowing them to grade their work.

The result? An entire class is graded in just minutes.

Do you have a way of incorporating self-assessment into Showbie that isn’t listed here? Let us know!

As Showbie’s community journalist, Katie is eager to explore the latest information in education and classroom technology. When she isn’t scribing her next story for Showbie, she's researching the next big thing in schools around the world. Email tips and ideas to katie@showbie.com

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