Better Together: Showbie, Socrative & Explain Everything

Showbie Complete empowers teachers to create purposeful learning experiences for their students, and deliver personalized feedback from anywhere.

Our most comprehensive plan bundles all three complimentary applications below, providing educators with all of the essential tools for assignments, feedback, communication, assessment, and creativity. 

Workflow, Communication, and Personalized Feedback

ShoShowbie is the hybrid learning platform empowering millions of educators to quickly and easily manage classroom workflow and deliver personalized feedback to students of all learning abilities on any device. With a variety of built-in annotation tools that can be placed on any file type, students can demonstrate their learning, and receive feedback in the way that suits them best. Create an interactive classroom so learning can happen anywhere. 

Summative and Formative Assessments

SocSocrative is the classroom app for formative and summative assessments that’s easy for teachers and fun for learners. With Socrative you can quiz and grade at the speed of learning from any device by assessing student understanding with prepared activities or on-the-fly questions. Detailed reports are generated in real-time so you can visualize learning and know the next step to take in your students’ learning journey. 

Explain Everything
Collaborative Whiteboarding for Teaching & Student-Led Learning

EEExplain Everything is a collaborative whiteboard tool that allows teachers to create engaging lessons and for students to demonstrate their learning in creative ways from anywhere. Educators can share recorded video lessons, livecast their whiteboard, and allow for 2-way collaboration, so students can actively contribute to lessons.

With an infinite canvas you can combine sketches, images, documents, videos and then use voice and annotations to enhance your explanation.

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