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A Lighter LMS

This summer, Showbie is launching exciting new features that streamline the way students and teachers are using devices like iPads and Chromebooks in their classroom. We call it a Lighter Learning Management System—a place where your most essential classroom needs can be met in one simple, easy to use app.

A Hub for Communication & Sharing in Your School

Designed for Teachers & Students First

Simple, Effective Tools for Rich Assignments & Feedback

Optimized for iPad & Chromebook Classrooms

Effortless Deployment and Management

A Hub for Communication & Sharing in Your School

Learning begins in the classroom and grows with a strong community. Showbie’s upcoming features will help you discuss, share, collaborate and keep everyone at your school in the loop, including students, teachers and parents.

Introducing Showbie Groups

It only takes a minute to create a group and invite teachers, students, or parents to join. The next step is up to you — discussions, announcements and collaborative projects are faster, easier and more organized than ever — and they’re updated live.

Start a Student Group

Whether it’s a class project or sports team, Groups help you share important files, coordinate activities and keep everyone on the same page.

Staff Room 2.0

Quickly share resources and discuss the latest school news with your fellow teachers or keep in touch with your global teaching network.

Keep Parents in the Loop

Create an announcement group for all parents in your class, and send out the next permission form without hitting the copier.


Swipe to add work of any media type into a student’s portfolio. Students can reflect on past classwork as they collect it, creating a portfolio of experience they can revisit for years to come.

Parents Welcome

Invite parents to view their child’s portfolio. Upgrade to Showbie Pro to provide parents with access to see upcoming homework, due dates, and grade to provide enhanced support at home.

Live Updates

Real time updates provide notifications, indicators and feedback on the fly — No more manual refreshing. Share feedback, chat, and field questions as fast as you can type.

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Advanced Assignment Settings

Advanced assignment settings let you tailor Showbie’s assignment workflow to your liking. Now you have more control over when assignments and grades are released, when students can make revisions and more.

Ready, Set, Go!

Showbie’s new assignment settings allow you to quickly and easily set the status of an assignment to students: Locked, Live, or View Only. The new settings let you manage your entire assignment workflow with ease and control.

Set It and Forget It

The assignment schedule option makes it easy to change student access at a set time. Let Showbie automatically handle releasing or locking your assignments — one less thing to remember in your busy day.

View Only

Use Showbie’s View Only assignment setting to let students see their work and your feedback when no revisions are necessary.

You Asked, We Listened

Want to reorder Shared Folder items, rename voice notes, revise comments and add more annotations in the web app? Showbie is releasing a batch of some of the most requested features before back-to-school.

Back it Up

Keep a safe record of all classroom activity by using Class Backup with Showbie Pro. In a single tap, download an organized zip file of everything in your class: documents, comments, annotations, and grades.

Share and Discuss

Instantly start a discussion in your class. Everyone can ask questions, collaborate, and share work. When it’s time to focus, pause the discussion with a single tap. While paused, you can send out general messages and announcements to your whole class.

Peer Assessment

The ability to share files with annotations attached means you can save time grading by enabling peer assessment and feedback between students.

Showcase Work

Put up exemplary student work for your entire classroom to view and discuss by copying annotated assignments into your Shared Folder.

Group Projects & Announcements

Hold real time class discussions when working on classroom projects, and pause the discussion any time to create general announcements or messages to your students.

Optimized for iPad and Chromebook Classrooms

Chromebook Ready

Showbie can be used on Chromebooks by accessing our Chrome app in the Chrome Web Store.

iOS Optimized

Showbie is built for the latest and greatest Apple products including iOS 9.3 shared devices and Apple Classroom, as well as the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Showbie is accessible for students needing support in various languages and screen reading.

Annotations on the Web

Showbie works in any classroom with iPads, Chromebooks, iPhones, Desktop Macs or PCs, Android devices, and the Windows 10 app.

Integration with Google Apps for Education

Showbie is integrated with Google Apps for Education (GAFE), making  feedback and sharing in Showbie a cinch.

Effortless Deployment and Management

The Admin Dashboard makes it easy to manage Showbie in your School or District. From managing accounts to distributing Showbie Pro licenses with a single click, you have all the tools to administer your Pro Account in one convenient place.

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