The following is our privacy policy. It discusses the high degree of importance that we place on your Privacy, and also the rules and conditions related to privacy of information while using our service.

1.0 Our Privacy Pledge

Showbie Inc. (“Showbie”) provides certain services including a mobile application (the “Application”). We want you to know that your trust is key to the success of our business. We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously and we safeguard the personal information of our users in accordance with this Policy.  In this Policy “personal information” means personal information about an identifiable individual, but excludes business contact information; and “Services” means services provided by Showbie through the Application or desktop interface.

1.1 Consent

By using our Services and supplying information to us, or by using the Showbie Application, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information by us for the purpose of providing Services to you via the Showbie Application, and administering your account in accordance with: (a) this Policy, (b) any other agreement you may have entered into with us, and (c) applicable laws and regulations. It is your responsibility to ensure that we are kept informed of the correct and current contact information for you.

1.2 Collection of User Information

Showbie collects limited personal information from administrative personnel at the school board, educational institution or teachers who have contracted with Showbie, only as needed for the operation and management of the Services provided by Showbie.

1.3 Collection of Student Information

Showbie collects limited personal information from minor students, only as needed for the operation and management of the Services provided by Showbie, and only where that student’s school board, educational institution or teacher has contracted with Showbie to do so. We first require the school board, educational institution or teacher to obtain the consent of parents/legal guardians prior to collecting such information. If you are a minor student, do not send any personal information about yourself or other students to Showbie, other than what is requested upon signing up for the Services. In the event that we discover we have the personal information of a student without consent of a parent/legal guardian, or information in excess of what we request upon sign-up, we will permanently destroy that information as quickly as possible. If you believe a student may have provided us personal information without consent of a parent/legal guardian, or information in excess of what we request upon sign-up, please contact us at

Students who have signed up with an access code provided by a school or teacher should be aware that their parent/legal guardian has access to all information within or associated with their Showbie account, including, but not limited to, messages between other students, teachers, and assignment grades.

All students and teachers within a single course group in the password-protected portion of the Showbie site have the ability to view one another’s profiles, but visibility is limited to such information as their names, photographs, and biographies. Students are unable to see the grades of other students, irrespective of whether or not they are members of the same course group on the site.

1.4 Cookies

Showbie’s web applications use browser cookies to store session data for the currently signed in user. This allows our users to smoothly continue using Showbie after refreshing or closing their browser window. These cookies do not track user activity or transmit information to any third parties, and Showbie’s web applications can not function fully without them. By signing up for Showbie you consent to the use of cookies as it relates to Showbie’s web applications.

1.5 Information of Others

By inputting any personal information into the Application (including the personal information of others), you consent to the use of that personal information within the Application, and you represent and warrant that you have obtained any permissions or authorizations for any personal information of others that you input or send through the Application.  We do not use, collect or retain any of that information.

1.6 Communication

You authorize us to communicate with you regarding our services and your account. You authorize us to communicate with you via the internet and via the email address you have provided. You understand and accept the risk that data and information transmitted over the internet is susceptible to error or security breaches.

1.7 Information Use & Sharing

We do not share, trade, sell or in any way disclose your personal information without your consent unless such a disclosure is: (a) required by law; (b) mandated by search warrant or court order; or (c) warranted during investigation of the commission of an offence, a breach of a contract, or breach of a law or regulation.  We may collect, aggregate and anonymize data for system monitoring, quality control and product improvement purposes, provided it does not collect, use or disclose any personal information.

1.8 Dispute Resolution

In the event you have a question, complaint or dispute regarding your personal information or our personal information handling practices, contact us at the number(s) or email address(es) as displayed in the “Contact Us” section of our Site.

1.9 Business Transfers

As a corporate entity, Showbie may elect to buy or sell assets. These transactions normally entail the transferring of user information as a business asset. In such an event any acquirer of Showbie may continue to use personal information as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

2.0 Changes

Changes to this Policy may be made from time to time by us, and the modified form of the Policy will take effect 15 days after posting on this page.

Last updated February 13, 2015