Showbie is an app used by teachers to assign, collect, and review student work.

Showbie keeps student work organized by classes and assignments. At a glance, students can see their upcoming assignments and due dates so they can prioritize their work.

Students can provide responses to assignments or annotate worksheets directly in the app in the form of text comments, the pen tool (which allows them to draw and write directly on the page) and pinned audio notes. They can also submit work to Showbie from virtually any other app, with some of the most popular being iMovie and Book Creator.

Likewise, teachers can provide grades as well as rich feedback in the form of voice notes, annotations and videos.


Teachers and students can always see what’s new in their classes and assignments.

When you notice a blue arrow strip next to an item in Showbie, it means something has been added or changed. Icons appear throughout Showbie to provide useful information. For example, the paper clip indicates work submitted by the student while the red clock shows up indicating when an assignment has been submitted late. View the full guide on Showbie Symbols

Students have their own personal portfolio that showcases examples of their best work from any of their classes and assignments, either curated themselves or by their teacher. Portfolios are a great way for students to reflect on their previous work, and they’re an easy way to keep parents updated! Learn more about what parents can access in Showbie


Ready to start using Showbie as a parent? Sign up for Showbie and learn how to find your student’s parent code.