You’ve created a class and an assignment, and your class code is ready to go – now it’s time to upload some files! There are many apps that work with Showbie to ensure that your workflow is nice and smooth. In this tutorial, we will look at some different ways to upload files to Showbie.



 Uploading from the Photo Library


  • Tap the +:
  • Tap Camera if you’d like to take a picture, or Photo Library if the image you need is already saved to your camera roll:
  • Tap on the image you would like to upload:
  • Make adjustments to the image if desired, then tap Done:
  • The image will upload and be available for your students!
  • Change the title of your document by swiping to the left:
  • Create a new title by tapping the white box. Tap Done and your new new title will appear:

Uploading an Image or Document With the Web App


  • Click the add file button
  • Find the file you’d like to upload and click Open
  • Confirm the name of your file and then click Post to finish the process

Wonderful! You’re well on your way to an awesome workflow with Showbie!

Learn how using the shared folder can save you time!


  1. Drew

    When attempting to upload a PDF, I receive an ‘AWS is not defined’ error.

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi Drew,

      So sorry for the very late response!

      Are you still experiencing this issue? I’m sorry that I’m only now responding to this comment as well as your comment in our whitelisting guide.

      An AWS (Amazon Web Services) error means that AWS is likely getting blocked by your network. Please talk to your network manager so that they can make sure that Showbie services are not being blocked. Here is our whitelisting guide so that they know what to whitelist in your network:

      Hope that helps!

      All the best,
      Showbie Support

  2. David

    I am having major issues with uploading video and audio files from my computer to Showbie. I know the movies need to be under 10 minutes but why is the bar loading up then it just goes back to 0% and starts loading again on an endless loop?

    Please help

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi David,

      Thanks for reporting this!

      How long is the video you’re uploading? Are you using the iOS or web app? Please send your response to I’ll be happy to work with you on solving this issue!

      All the best,
      Showbie Support

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi David,

      Quick update for you: looks like the reason the upload bar restarts is because there are two different stages – export and upload. The bar fills up the first time to show the progress when exporting the video, and then the bar restarts when it starts uploading the video.

      We’re going to improve this in a future update though so that there is only one loading bar when uploading a video. Thank you for reporting this!

      All the best,
      Showbie Support

  3. Christina

    When Uploading A PDF from my computer I can do one file but when I try to do the next it gets stuck and although it appears in the list in the shared folder its blank and when I look on the app version its not there. Also the title stays in the speech bubble when normally it goes after a successful upload.

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi Christina,

      Thanks for reporting this!

      We do need a bit more technical information to get to the bottom of this though. Please send us an email at with the following information:

      – Are you able to upload other files without experiencing the same problem?
      – What web browser are you using? What version?

      Thank you!

      All the best,
      Showbie Support

  4. Patsy

    I don’t have a + on my screen. How do I add things?

  5. Rochelle

    When I try to upload a document from my computer, I select it and then hit the submit/upload button but nothing happens. This has been happening for sometime. Any ideas why this might be? It doesn’t matter what type of file I try to upload it does it with all of them, in particular though I have been wanting to upload PDFs.

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi Rochelle,

      Thank you for reporting this!

      What internet browser are you using? Can you try using a different browser to upload files? Let me know how this goes and send me an email at, please. Also, tell me if you’re the only person having this problem or if other students or teachers are also experiencing the problem.

      Thanks again!

  6. Dawn

    I want to be able to upload documents that they can actually complete on the computer and send back to me. Is this possible?

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi Dawn,

      Sure thing! If you upload a document to Showbie, your students will be able to download it (guide), complete it on their computer, and then upload it back to Showbie for you.

      Let me know at if you have any questions about this!

  7. Niamh McCurry

    I’ve been trying to upload PDF documents from my computer. Some of these are uploading and others are not. Is there a limit to how big the file can be that you are uploading?

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi Niamh,

      If you’re using a free account then your file size limit would be 25mb and a pro account have a file size limit of 500mb. Here’s more info on free vs. pro accounts: learn more.

      If the file you’re uploading is within the limit though then please send us an email at so that we can take a closer look.

  8. Rayna Kidd

    When I create a new assignment there is no option to upload the file. I get the name of the assignment, due date, and assignment lock. I am using a Dell PC – does this make a difference. I have used Showbie a few years ago on an Apple laptop & had it on my iPad. Would like to use it again but working at a PC school – all my desk tops & laptops are PCs. Thanks!

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi Rayna,

      It sounds like you’re looking at the assignment settings. Instead, you’ll want to go click on the folder you’d like to upload the file to – so either the shared folder or an individual student’s folder – and then you’ll see option to upload either a comment, grade, file, or something from Google Drive. Here’s a link to the relevant part of this guide: Uploading a file on with the Web App

      1. Write something in the comment bubble and then click Post to upload it
      2. Click this checkmark to upload a grade Learn more about the Showbie gradebook
      3. This paper button lets you choose a file from your computer to upload
      4. Click the Google Drive icon to upload a file from your Drive

      Since you’re using the Showbie web app, you’ll also notice that there aren’t any annotation options yet. We’re working on annotation tools for the web app so please look forward to it! We’ve got a whole page to show off what else we’re working on so you can check it out here: Showbie Upcoming Features Preview.

  9. Dale Bryat

    How do I upload a short YouTube video in assignments?

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi Dale,

      If you have the video file on your computer, you can upload it as you would any other file: learn more.

      If you want to upload the link to the video then you can do so by posting the link as a comment: learn more.

      Hope that helps!

  10. Kelly

    I understand that a docx is not viewable in Showbie – so I download it. Have tried on both Mac and HP and when downloaded, it goes into a zip file. I try the three different folders within the zip, and all have word docs with coding, not my students’ assignment. Thoughts? 🙂

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for letting us know about this! The word doc was uploaded via the Showbie iPad app, right? There was a problem with the way the iPad app was uploading files that was causing the web app to download them as zip files. It’s been fixed in Showbie 3.1 though so please be sure to update to the latest version of our iPad app.

      After you’ve updated, you’ll have to reupload the files you’d like to download though. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience but you should not run into the zip file problem anymore! If you have more questions, please email and I’ll be happy to help you out.

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