You’ve created a class and an assignment, and your class code is ready to go – now it’s time to upload some files! There are many apps that work with Showbie to ensure that your workflow is nice and smooth. In this tutorial, we will look at some different ways to upload files to Showbie.



 Uploading from the Photo Library


  • Tap the +:
  • Tap Camera if you’d like to take a picture, or Photo Library if the image you need is already saved to your camera roll:
  • Tap on the image you would like to upload:
  • Make adjustments to the image if desired, then tap Done:
  • The image will upload and be available for your students!
  • Change the title of your document by swiping to the left:
  • Create a new title by tapping the white box. Tap Done and your new new title will appear:

Uploading an Image or Document With the Web App


  • Click the add file button
  • Find the file you’d like to upload and click Open
  • Confirm the name of your file and then click Post to finish the process

Wonderful! You’re well on your way to an awesome workflow with Showbie!

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