When change is near, never fear – the FAQ is here!

Showbie Pro is changing! There are a number of changes coming so we’ve put this page together to help keep track of how these will affect you.

What are the changes?

  • All annotations tools on PDFs and images are now free for everyone
  • Locking assignments and making assignments view-only is now available to everyone – you can also create a schedule for your assignment so that your assignments changes states automatically
  • Pro Invite co-teachers to join your class
  • Pro Use more than 10 assignments at a time
  • Pro Assignments never expire

When do these changes start?

In early August, all of these changes will go into effect.

If you don’t have Pro, your existing assignments will be unaffected. You will still be able to access them like normal and you and your students can continue adding and annotating files. Assignments created prior to the changes’ start date will expire next year in 2018. Any assignments you create afterwards will expire a year afterwards.

How does co-teaching work now?

The steps to adding a co-teacher haven’t changed. If you don’t have Pro, other teachers cannot join your class but you can join a Pro teacher’s class.

What about my existing classes with co-teachers?

Nothing to worry about – classes with co-teachers approved prior to the Pro changes’ startdate can still have those co-teachers.

What’s an active assignment?

So long as an assignment isn’t archived or deleted, it’s considered an active assignment.

For example, say you don’t have Pro and you have 5 classes and there are 2 assignments in each class: you have a total of 10 active assignments and you would not be able to create more. If you were to archive one of those assignments, you would have 9 active assignments total, 1 archived assignment, and you can create 1 more assignment.

If you don’t have Pro, Showbie will let you know how many active assignments you have. On the iPhone and mobile, check your profile. On the iPad, web, and other apps, check the bottom left corner for your number of active assignments:


When you have 10 active assignments total, archive or delete an active assignment to create more.

Copy Class and Copy Assignment

Make sure you have less than 10 active assignments when you use Copy Class or Copy Assignment – it won’t work if it puts you over the limit of 10 active assignments.

What happens if I already have over 10 active assignments?

You will still be able to access them like normal and you and your students can continue adding and annotating files. However, you’ll have to archive some before you can create new assignments. 10 is the magic number and once you have less than 10 active assignments, you’ll be able to create more assignments!

What happens if my assignment expires?

Expired assignments will automatically be archived after one year and can’t be unarchived. Upgrade to Pro to unarchive expired assignments.

If you archive an assignment before it’s a year old, you’ll be able to unarchive it like normal.

How will this affect my students?

The changes will allow students to have access to all the annotation tools available for PDFs and images as they will become free for everyone!

The assignment expiry will affect your students as well. Once an assignment has expired, your students will not be able to access it. This means that the assignment won’t appear in the list of assignments on the student’s account.

Unarchiving the assignment will allow you and your students to work on them again and pick up right where you left off.

Recap of Pro Features

With so many things changing, it can get tough to keep track of what’s staying and what’s going. Here’s a recap of Pro features:

  • Co-teaching
  • Assignments never expire
  • Create as many assignments as you want
  • Groups and Class Discussions
  • Student portfolios and Parent Access
  • Gradebook
  • Larger file sizes
  • Longer video recordings
  • Longer voice note lengths

have any questions? contact support or send us an email at support@showbie.com.