Now that you’re signed up to use Showbie, it’s time to create a class. Let’s get started!


  • Once logged in, tap the edit menu (wrench)
  • Then tap the +
  • Next, give your class a name by tapping the white box

Class Settings Details

New Class Settings copy


Type the name of your class here – there’s no character restrictions so you can even include emojis!


Students will be able to use class codes to join your class in Showbie. Tap on the refresh arrow to generate a new class code. You’ll receive an email of your class code but you can retrieve it in Showbie at any time. Learn more 

Include in Portfolio

Let students select work in this class to include in their portfolio. Teachers will be able to curate student portfolios regardless of this setting. Learn more

Allow Parent Access

Parents will be able to see their child’s folder in this class. Otherwise, parents will only be able to see their child’s work in this class if it is included in their child’s portfolio. Learn more

Congratulations, you’ve created your first class in Showbie! Your students will need the class code to join your class, so feel free to make note of it now. The class code can be accessed later, so don’t fret if you forget what it is! Now that your class is set up, check out this tutorial to learn how to create your first assignment.


  1. Ute Lentz

    How can I update my class rosters e. g. when a student has moved away?

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi Ute,

      Sorry for the late response!

      If you need to remove a student from your class, you can block them! Blocking a student means that they will no longer show up in your class list and they will be unable to rejoin your class until you unblock them. Here’s a guide on how it all works:

      Hope that helps!

      Again, so sorry for the very late response. We were having issues with our notification system but we’ve fixed it now! You can expect much faster responses from us in the future.

      All the best,
      Showbie Support

  2. Andrea

    Hi I have set up my class and my students are working on assignments in my class wonderfully. I would really like to rename my class though to include my name. Is there any way of doing it without affecting the assignments I have attached to it?
    Thanks heaps,

  3. R L

    How can I delete a class?

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi there,

      You can delete a class after you’ve archived it.

      We always suggest archiving classes/assignments over deleting it completely just in case you’d like to access the files again. Once you’ve deleted a class, you won’t be able to restore it but if you archive it, you can always bring it back whenever you want.

      Here’s how you can archive a class/assignment – Learn more

      And here’s how you can delete a class/assignment – Learn more

      Hope that helps!

  4. Sonia McMichael

    I have a student who joined my class twice and when he tried to delete the second account after I changed the class code, he cannot get in and I do not know how to add him myself. Please help!!!

  5. Tammy Watson

    How do I see the join code for a class? I have given out the code and some students joined but I have others who still need to join…

    • Christianne Elefante

      Hi Tammy,

      Thanks for the comment!

      When you open a class, tap on the wrench next to the class name, tap Class Settings, and then you’ll see the class code. We have more detailed instructions in our class code guide: learn more.

      Hope that helps!

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