Typing in bumblebee@pigwarts.com to sign in every time is too much šŸ

Showbie is compatible with a Google or Feide account which you can use to sign in quicker! Whether you are still signing up or you want to link your current Showbie account, you can link two togetherĀ either on the iPad or Web.


oops! Getting this error message?

“Sorry, looks like there was a problem signing in to your Google account. Please try again”. Try signing into Showbie without using the Google button and then follow the instructions below in existing accounts to link your Showbie and Google accounts.


Before you go

Keep in mind that your administrator must enable Feide before you can create/link a Showbie account with Feide.

Signing Up

feide signup 3

  • Tap onĀ Sign Up for Free
  • Tap onĀ I’m a Teacher
  • Tap onĀ Sign Up with Google orĀ Other Sign-Up Options toĀ Sign Up with Feide
  • Enter your login credentials to link your accounts together

Existing Accounts

  • Tap onĀ your profile picture
  • Tap onĀ Sign-In Options
  • Tap onĀ Enable Google Sign-InĀ orĀ Enable Feide Sign-In
  • Enter your login credentials to link your accounts together
Keep in mind!

Now that you’ve linked your Showbie account, when you’re signing into Showbie, remember to tap on theĀ Sign In with Google orĀ Other Sign-In Options if you’re looking to Sign in with Feide.

Did you link the wrong Google account? Maybe you want to disable Google or Feide to sign in. No problem! Just tap on your profile picture and follow the same steps as above.Ā You can toggle off Google or Feide to disable them.

Next Steps

You’re on your way to personalizing your account! You can even change the language too! Here’s how you can change your language.

Other Useful Guides

  • You can personalize your account even more! Take a look at this guide to change your profile picture.
  • You may have noticed it as you were following the instructions to enable other sign-in options – you can change your password as well using a similar process.

have any questions? contact support or send us an email at support@showbie.com.