SchoolKit is a complete learning package for teachers, students, and parents. It combines all of the tools for assignments, feedback, communication, assessment, creativity, and more.

SchoolKit’s suite of 6 applications help educators deliver impactful learning experiences to their students – improving student engagement, wellbeing, and attainment. Teachers who use SchoolKit save time, helping them to achieve better work-life balance. Each SchoolKit license includes access to:

Your Digital Classroom

ShoShowbie is digital classroom that connects and engages students, teachers, and families. This easy-to-use app combined all of the essential tools required for assignments, feedback, and communication.

Whether your learning environment is in-class, remote, or a hybrid, Showbie helps teachers engage students with interactive learning experiences, through the use of video, class discussions, rich feedback (including up to 30 minute voice notes), and more.

Summative and Formative Assessment

SocImmediate feedback is a vital part of the learning process. Socrative gives educators an efficient way to monitor and assess learning, saving them time while delivering fun and engaging interactions for learners.

Explain Everything
Collaborative & Robust Whiteboarding

EEExplain Everything is a complete white boarding tool that supports teachers in creating rich video-based resources.  Educators can share recorded video lessons, livecast their whiteboard, and allow for 2-way collaboration, so students can actively contribute to lessons.

Simplified Whiteboarding

EduEducreations is a simplified white boarding tool that allows teachers to quickly capture and share tutorials or concepts. Teachers can also access pre-existing content that’s been submitted by other educators, saving them time.

Augmented Reality & 3D Models

Hologo allows for in-depth learning experiences that can Hologohelp students overcome misconceptions, by allowing them to explore concepts from a real life and 3D perspective. Hologo’s AR & 3D models help elevate engagement, deepen understanding, and make learning more meaningful for students.

Coding for Kids

KodableKodable makes it easy for educators to teaching coding successfully, with pre-built lessons, video tutorials and more. Students learn core programming concepts and critical thinking through fun and engaging games.

Why SchoolKit?

SchoolKit copy> Improves engagement and attainment
> Supports learning continuity
> Improves teacher workload
> Equitable access to resources
> Simple and reliable
> Saves money

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